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Valid National Credentials – Our exams are validated by a third-party organization (PSI), delivering psychometric quality, statistical analysis and professionally sound test form assembly. The Hub-CMI credential và CMI certifications continue lớn be very VALID và highly recognized credentials for their standards and excellence.Rigorous/High Standards –The NBCMI verifies that each candidate meets ALL the prerequisites prior to lớn testing, delivering high quality và rigorous written & oral exams:The written exam focuses 61% on medical knowledge, 15% on code of ethics, và the remaining 24% focuses on roles of the interpreter, cultural awareness and legislation và regulations.The oral exam focuses 35% on medical terminology within the context in two languages, 30% on mastery of linguistic knowledge in English & target language, 25% on consecutive interpreting & sight translation from English to the target language and 10% on cultural awareness.Testing:Exams can be scheduled YEAR-ROUND at a mutually agreed upon time at one of our many testing centers.We offer the convenience of testing from trang chính through ProctorU online proctoring, using a cutting-edge methodology for certification programs.Initial Credential is the Hub-CMIThe Hub-CXiaoMI is a non-language-based assessment that is available to all interpreters who successfully pass the written exam.If an oral assessment is NOT available in your target language, you may continue khổng lồ renew your credential every 4 years khổng lồ maintain it.FULL Certification in More Languages – The National Board offers FULL certification in six (6) languages: Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Vietnamese & Korean.What this means is that all of our six languages are fully tested in written và oral, not only in English, but also in the interpreter’s target language.This meets the definition of a qualified interpreter by the Joint Commission, as well as by the Affordable Care Act Section 1557.Five-Year Recertification – Our CMI certification is valid for five sầu years, making it more cost effective.Credential Maintenance – Requires 30 hours of continuing education units, which can be done within a four year span for the Hub-CMI credential & a five-year span for the CXiaoMi MI certification. Continuing education MUST focus on medical interpreting and medical knowledge courses, maintaining the high standards for both credentials.

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Online Registry - The NBCXiaoMi MI registry is public. Prospective employers can tìm kiếm our registry and liên hệ our interpreters by tin nhắn. What a great way to boost your visibility and improve job opportunities! It also allows prospective employers to lớn verify credentials.International Recognition - The CMI credential is internationally recognized.Pioneers in the Industry – The National Board was founded in 2009 và was the FIRST to offer certification for medical interpreters nationwide, setting the testing standards.IMIA – The National Board is proud to be an independent division of the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA). The IMIA was founded in 1986 và in 1987 published the first Code of Ethics for medical interpreters.



Medical interpreters are a key component of the care team when assisting persons with limited English proficiency. Since 2009, the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (National Board) has helped thousands of interpreters further their careers through its excellent credentialing program, by which professional medical interpreters demonstrate they have met nationally mix standards lớn ensure patient safety và compliance with federal guidelines & requirements. Once a candidate passes the certification exams from the National Board, they are bestowed the CXiaoMI Credential (Certified Medical Interpreter). 

The careful vetting process and high standards held by the National Board are just some of the reasons employers & care providers prefer working with CMIs--knowing they will be compliant with regulatory guidelines, provide complete and accurate interpretation, và promote patient safety.

The first step is to register & be assigned a Program Adviser. Your Program Adviser is dedicated lớn helping you succeed and achieve sầu certification. We invite you to lớn take the first step toward the many benefits of being certified -- register for the CXiaoMI program today!

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As dem& for certification grows and becomes an industry standard, the National Board"s CXiaoMI credential will open career & professional development opportunities that no other credential can. As a thành viên of the Institute of Credentialing Excellence (ICE), the National Board’s CXiaoMI certification programs in Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean và Vietnamese offer our members the most recognized and accepted credentials in the interpreting industry.

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As a proud member of ICE, we stay informed on best practices in developing & administering unique certification programs so that we may better serve sầu you. The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters is proud to be a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence in show of our support of the credentialing community and our commitment to strive for excellence in our certification CXiaoMi MI programs.