Tend là gì

A:tend to” has 2 meanings. 1. usually, often, habitual, but not always - “I tend khổng lồ make loud noises when I eat” “He tends to lớn sleep late every night” 2. take care of, give attention khổng lồ - “i tend to lớn my garden by watering my plants every day”

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A:Care for/take care of I have sầu khổng lồ tend the children. or Frequently behave in a particular wayI tend lớn drink wine on weekends. It depends on the context. www.apoven.com
A: exactly! Sorry for being unclear.To summarize it, tend khổng lồ can be used to describe how someone acts và ask khổng lồ, for example, vị the dishes.I hope you understand now! :)
A:It has a high chance of occurring.People who eat too much fast food tend to get fat.People who eat too much fat tend to develop heart problems.People who drink too much tend lớn develop liver problems.People who exercise tend khổng lồ live longer.People who smoke tend khổng lồ develop cancer.

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A:"I tend to lớn buy lots of apples, then not eat them" (tend =have sầu a habit to)" Farmers tend sheep" (tend=take care of)*soups boiling over on stove*A " Can you tend to lớn that? I"m busy."B " Okay." (tend= take care of it, manage it, give sầu it attention")
A:Verb(1):1. regularly or frequently behave in a particular way or have sầu a certain characteristic"I tend to talk too much when I"m nervous."2. be liable lớn possess or display (a particular characteristic)"He tends towards conservatism."3. go or move in a particular direction"Fire is hot và tends upwards."Verb(2):1. care for or look after; give one"s attention to"As a volunteer, I tend patients, keeping them & their visitors comfortable."2. direct or manage; work in"I"ve sầu been tending bar at the airport lounge."Which of these meanings are you particularly interested in?
A:Meaning=often, usually, have sầu a habit"Sorry, I tend khổng lồ talk really fast""I tend lớn fall asleep when I"m bored"Meaning=khuyễn mãi giảm giá with"Will you answer the phone while I tend to the kids?""I can"t talk now, I"m tending lớn something important."

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A:Its literal meaning, which is "khổng lồ look after": "I tend to lớn my garden". "Jenny tends lớn Patrick"s wounds".Or its other meaning, "a tendacy to": "the sky tends khổng lồ be cloudy".