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Some of them are initially out of view from the robot on-board sensors & are discovered during the robot movement.
The majority of autonomous walking robots moves with on-board motion generation but without remote operator guidance, và they may not follow the reference paths.
Other design requirements were that the operation had khổng lồ be per formed in real-time & on-board the aircraft during flight.
Information is communicated through wireless modems between a host computer & the on-board computer of the sản phẩm điện thoại.
To that end, powered wheelchairs are designed by integrating an on-board computer that partially đơn hàng with the steering task.
The robot uses both sparse and dense rewards during its learning và these rewards come both from on-board sensors và the monitor system.
Results obtained from diagnosing on-board faults from aircraft engines are shown which demonstrate the fusion tool"s operation.
Some data processing could be done on-board individual robots, but this would make them unnecessarily complicated and expensive sầu.
For robot soccer games, there are two teams of wheeled Mobile robots embedded with local on-board intelligence.
Its main contribution is a rapid và efficient computational method that allows path planning lớn be implemented with the limited resources on-board the vehicle.
The computation of appropriate feedbaông xã is time critical và often a limitation for making motions faster, hence demanding for high computational capacities on-board.
Throughout the whole operation, the robot is monitoring the ocean environment, và storing the information in its on-board computer.

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This sets the context for our overall goal: khổng lồ apply ontologies khổng lồ improve sầu the capabilities & performance of on-board route planning for autonomous vehicles.
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