Ionic là gì


What is Ionic?

Ionic makes it easy khổng lồ build high-performance mobile and Progressive sầu Web Apps (or PWAs) that look & feel beautiful on any platkhung or device.

Ionic’s open source Framework và developer-friendly tools and services power apps for some of the world’s best-known brands - from highly successful consumer apps like Sworkit, Untappd and Dow Jones MarketWatch, khổng lồ mission-critical apps supporting Nationwide, Amtrak, & NASA.

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A complete tiện ích development kit.

The open source Ionic Framework features a rich library of front-kết thúc building blocks & UI components that make it easy lớn kiến thiết beautiful, high-performance điện thoại và Progressive sầu Web Apps (or PWAs) using web technologies lượt thích HTML, CSS, và JavaScript.

Our universal web components pair with any JavaScript framework, including Angular, React, Vue, or no framework at all (just add a script tag!). Ionic apps are backover agnostic, with connections khổng lồ AWS, Azure, and Firebase.

A supercharged platkhung for teams

Teams building with Ionic can boost productivity with our powerful & secure rapid development environment, và Appflow, an integrated suite of sản phẩm điện thoại DevOps services to automate every phase of the phầm mềm lifecycle - from native builds lớn live updates.

For enterprise teams, Ionic offers a premier, supported version of the entire Ionic ecosystem khổng lồ accelerate time-to-market & enhance stability, along with Ionic Advisory services for customized strategies & solutions.

Learn about Ionic Enterprise

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A worldwide developer community.

Ionic was founded in 2012, when using website technologies to build native apps was still in its infancy. When we started, we just wanted to create a better way for web developers to lớn use their existing skills khổng lồ build apps.

Today, Ionic is one of the world"s most popular cross-platform Mobile development giải pháp công nghệ stack. Ionic is backed by a vibrant community of more than 5M developers in over 200 countries, supporting one of the most popular open source ứng dụng platforms in the world.

Our Philosophy

Why we’re betting on the web

The website has served developers well for the last twenty years, and we think that makes it a pretty great bet for the next twenty. It represents the most stable & time-tested universal runtime in the world. And today, the website is the best & only way khổng lồ deliver the seamless experience that users have sầu come lớn expect as they interact with apps across platforms & devices, between desktop & điện thoại.

Start shipping better apps, today.

Get started with Ionic Framework, or sign up for a không tính tiền developer trương mục.

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