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The explanation about material & machine supply . Contractor will appply works standard guarantee unique acccording to lớn thiết kế 25
Maintenace commiment 32 Part B: Fire fighting method, safety-insurance bid environental hygiene safely for surrounding work 33
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A.I.1: INTRODUCTION Project: Hanoi sky lake resort golf club house Location: ChuongMy town- Ha Tay province 1) Content of bidding package Construction work is built on the area of golf court in Chuong My town Ha Tay province Work area: Building all the club building 2) Scale ü Architecture solution - Construction work is 3 floor building & 1 pit floor, concreted roofing with art tile ü Structure solution - Construction work is designed body toàn thân structure solution using column, beam, & 250# reinforced concrete floor ü Execution method: - Construction work is 3 floor building and 1 pit floor, built and belong lớn central area, thus, execution method must guarantee following factors: - Execution method must meet standards about noise, safety, cleaning & next construction works, ensure not affect to surrounding - Transportation means must be cleaned, not dirty tires, no garbage on the street
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A.I.2: PREPARATION WORK Contractor confirms preparation with large decision khổng lồ quality of construction. After searching for drawing contractor sees that this work requires high quality art, these are some preparation of contractor before execution 1)Document
After searching for contractor’s drawing which manage chất lượng work, setting up legal document management is through out from company to construction site such as: employee document includes labor contract, labor safety commitment; material equipment management file includes tested material unique results, checking equipment; completion certificate. In Contractor office, there a team of skillful engineer who sets up solution method execution progress for each work in details. Pursuant khổng lồ execution progress file, contractor has planed lớn prepare manpower, materials, and construction equipments. Document is proceeded by contractor và finished when starting execution.​
2. Human Resource. Contractor will appoint a vice director who controls execution directly. _ Technology department of contractor has an experienced team of staff who regularly follows up unique of construction work _ Manpower: Contractor has been executing many project of Taiwan, Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Korea và nhật bản, so contractor has a skillful and responsible team in construction work. However, contractor still confirm unique of human resource khổng lồ the success of contractor. Hence, staffs are still trained to lớn enhance ability & especially, 100% of workers are must work with good health skills và safety. _ Human resource: Contractor arranges human resource depover on work, especially main work like concrete building, plaster will be guaranteed for production line. Professional labor team divided into plaster, building, plaster, steel, concrete, electrithành phố, water supply, equipment installation is combined tightly with each other in execution khổng lồ ensure progress. 3.Material, equipment
_ Material & supply: Investor must chạy thử material before using, unique of main material must be tested. Material must be estimated to be suitable for progress & construction plan in each period. In this work contractor focuses on concerning about things for high chất lượng and artic construction work. _ Equipment: Contractor has plan to lớn use equipment reasonably, depends on work amount and progress, lớn supply on execution time, right standard 4. Plan Plan preparation affects khổng lồ execution progress & construction work chất lượng significantly. To arrange reasonable plan, contractor will proceed survey và search for plane, confirming plan of execution, mix up execution progress in detail for each category khổng lồ define office location, store, material ground, mixing machine area and entrance during execution time Contractor proceeds preparation such as locating construction, calculating material transport road, transport lvà, necessary area for mixing concrete ground, small structure, installation, mixing mortar, briông xã ground and formworks, steel ground và ensure arranged reasonable plan. After calculating for necessary, contractor proceed lớn protect from dust for environment ü Main requirement After calculating above floor limiting fallen materials as well as dust. After executing floors, Contractor will proceed lớn spread
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A.I.3-ARRANGE PLAN Plan must be installed electriđô thị, water supply, control office, tent, depot, other tents are arranged to lớn be convenient for execution Construction concrete is fresh concrete & use concrete pump Requirements when arranging execution plan
When arranging the execution plane, contractor will calculate lớn ensure following factors: -Offices và depots: Ensure enough area, satisfy functions of office. -Store floor is embanked high and chocked for damp-proof lớn cement -Inflammable materials are put separately & packet in buckets -Fire extinguishers in offices và depots -Security office: Near the entrance và observable lớn everywhere in the construction site. Fixed telephone, fire extinguishers, security equipments in security office -Reinforcement executing ground: Tent floor is built high và have satchels -Formwork assembling ground: Contractor uses most of corrugated ion formwork. The system lớn tư vấn formwork is log of wood and steel log. Contractor is responsible for maintaining formwork. Contractor also uses both steel and wooden formwork. Thus, processed formwork must be far away from depots Water supply Contractor must liên hệ with investor và local government to lớn have water for execution Water supply system is tight in the ground & far from road Sewage system Contractor installs a temporary sewage system, connect water from many areas và pump water lớn gas hole.

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Electricity Contractor supplies electricity & private wire to lớn electrithành phố box. Moreover, contractor prepares generator lớn guarantee electriđô thị. Using rubber covered cables with 3 phases or 4 cores. There is electricity cloông chồng lớn measure electricity numbers There are 2 main power sources: -For equipments & machines -For other activities Contractor installs tension pole across roads, wire is larger than or equal 4 m Lighting system Contractor installs headlights around the work, Light system khổng lồ protect and serve sầu for execution at night Moreover, contractor supplies another dynamo.40KVA ensures lighting of work và serve sầu machines in case of power cut or executing process at night Arrange plan, contractor guarantee the standard of work, environment, security & safety.
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A.I.4.1 FOUNDATION EXCUTION METHOD 1)Excavation method Due to lớn large amount of land, we use both method of machine và manuals. Excavating by machine is used regularly, using manuals lớn fix foundation hole. Excavating và fixing foundation hole follow lớn designed depth. Around hole, drainage ditches & arrange pump to absorb water continuously in case of rain. Excavation process is suitable for restriction lớn guarantee the stability of roof. In case of less stable place, we process to build stake. Dimension, khung, height of foundation hole must be suitable for thiết kế. Taking over before going on next work. * Risk of excavation Digging in the heavy rain causes soil fall. After rain, filling in hole, change 15centimet in hole in comparison lớn designed cấp độ. After fixing each ground layer, replacing foundation by concrete bricks. There is “underground rock” or other, replace by mixing s& & crushed rochồng. Filling up foundation hole After executing foundation concrete, filling foundation hole. * Technical requirement in filling lvà When covering sand, guarantee that foundation sand has moisture in restricted area. Dry sand needs lớn be watered; reduce moisture for much humid s&. Cover svà & distribute inkhổng lồ each layer và stamp. *Technical method Use compactor and worker. Stamp layer to lớn another tightly Fill sand by line 2. Foundation work
After finishing foundation, place and fix it. Pour the lean concrete layer for foundation. Use survey machine to confirm centre và mark on the surface of middle layer concrete. Proceeding steel installation when the concrete commit to lớn the hardness. Use block for small concrete with the same depth as concrete layer for steel. Label of this is equal to lớn one of foundation concrete. After reinforcement assembling, installing casing used iron formwork. Foundation formwork commit to designed type. Foundation casing is kept by steel column which is wrapped và wooden column. It is important for contractor khổng lồ guarantee stability of formwork. Checking steel formwork & cleaning before pouring concrete. Pour foundation concrete: Replace mixed concrete into lớn concrete pump. Material of concrete commits khổng lồ clean standard. Use stamping concrete d=45-60mm to lớn stamp concrete. The concrete is poured into each layer & damped following khổng lồ technique. Surface of foundation is smooth by hawk, guarantee flat degree & designed level. Covering foundation is only proceeded after maintaining concrete following technique finishing, underground work and accepted by investor.

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Mortar of wall which has been kept for a long time. Then, conducting khổng lồ mortar khổng lồ guarantee chất lượng of mortar and affect to lớn surrounding work. Before conducting mortar, contractor invites investor lớn check column centre, wall flat degree, tight mortar pulse. Contractor conducts lớn mortar, contractor waters on walls, make wall surface và mortar adhesive. Mortar layer vị not elastic Mortar follows lớn design, thickness depends on structure Create drainage ditches to sink wire column & technical box. Mortar surface must be equal & solid Type of mortar & thickness of mortar base on design standard 15-20mm và divide mortar into lớn 2 periods. Vertical deviation is 0.5% & horizontal deviation is 0.8% General requirements Mortar surface is smooth Angle has square shape Guarantee structure standards Contractor is responsible for mortar và completion. In mortaring angles, contractor uses angle ruler lớn kiểm tra straight and square shape Contractor maintains mortar layer after plastering 24 hours Engineer team completes and are in works regularly
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2. Pressing and plastering work:
üPlaster brichồng is up lớn the following factors: Contractor’s title are up lớn these following parameters: Absorbent degree Hp Pressing degree Rn>500kg/cm2. Curving degree Ru>500n/mmét vuông Abrasion degree Mn Durable degree with acid, base, not mouldy surface. Bricks used must be brvà new. When carrying bricks khổng lồ rooms for plastering, Contractor will put them along with the wall side in order not khổng lồ affect structure. üPlastering work: Plastering work begins when structure work is finished. The plaster floor is smooth and clean. Plaster material is in right sizes, colors, thiết kế. Plaster briông xã is at high standard. Cut bricks must be smooth. Plaster floor is smooth, not rough. Checked by 2m long protractor. Slots between plaster floor và protractor Between plaster floor and bricks is full of mortar. Chechồng solid degree by knocking lightly on the plaster floor. The thickness of cement layer At compulsory positions about damp-proof, check the damp-proof layer & other details before plastering. Plaster floor must be built according to kiến thiết about pattern color, height, smooth, plopping, connection lớn floor degree. Pressing & plastering work will be ensured the whole enamel surface of producer by the contractor after being finished. ü Pressing work: Pressing work is installed after building and taking over electricity and water departments & other underground parts. Press structure surface is according to lớn straight direction. Across pressing circuit needs being full of mortar building pressing & building producer. Clean the press floor after pressing each part or all parts. Cleaning the press floor is processed only after pressing circuit gets hard. Press floor must be followed the following demands: General press floor is ensured the right shape & geometric form size. The color must be the same. Across & straight mortar circuit is sharp, straight, regular. Mortar between structure và pressing bit is solid. There is no stained point of paint & lime. When checking by 2m protractor, slot between pressing bit & protractor is
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3. Painting work:
After checking that all walls are so smooth, we do the painting. In painting process, check every angle by lights. All mistakes must be corrected at once. Painting layer surface is smooth, not rough. Protection method must be made in crowded areas. 4. Glazing execution: Structure is stable, no dirty, oil before Glazing. To guarantee the connection between smooth mortar layer and floor, the smooth surface needs watering. If having the lined smooth layer divides 10 – 15centimet areas. The last smooth layer uses cement sand mortar with maximum material rod The smooth surface must be guaranteed about surface finish according to design. Grinding process is done at the same time with mending general tit and tear surface. Thread bend work is done right after painting. Thread line need regular about weight, depth & sharpness. If use roller with anti-smooth material, roll right after color cement layer is not solid. Areas & positions have demand about high damp-proof such as: toilet, water tank, conduit….must process damp-proof layer according khổng lồ design. Quality of smooth surface must guarantee about taper, plane ness. 5. Door installation: - Wooden doors and aluminum-glass frame doors are manufactured in workcửa hàng according khổng lồ thiết kế & rechecked through practical execution. Contractor will give sầu sản phẩm chất lượng certification khổng lồ investor before execution. - Contractor guarantees installing with right technique & experienced team. Cheông xã carefully straight, door frame smooth degree when installing. -Aluminum-glass frame doors are checked by high pressure pump. The connection between door and wall is processed by glue & damp-proof. - Coefficient of hardness of door must be high and no deformation. - Detail installing must be accuracy. Doors must move sầu smoothly. Bolt lock, hinge are tight, fine art. - Door surface must be smooth, no cement mortar or closed chemical on it. - Glass is up-khổng lồ standard hàng hóa, no ripple. - The filled connection is used with transparent & good silinhỏ glue which is not changed color when sun & rain. - Installing windows và doors are processed late. It is guaranteed not to lớn spoil already work such as ceiling, wall… - Hinge must have good incompetence & be installed tightly and accuracy. Handgrip, door lock must be installed tightly và accuracy. - All door and glass wattle must have sầu good incompetence, against windstorm according lớn kiến thiết.

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6. Electricity, thunder protection
Electricity execution Contractor appoints a skillful và experienced engineer và technical team Investor checks materials lượt thích conduit, wire protected pipes, plug foot protected pipe... Contractor checks electriđô thị system before giving for investor Electrithành phố execution divided into lớn 2 steps: Step1: Stretch underground -wire Step2: Installation floated wire equipments üStretch underground wire Investor checks quality of wire, conduit, và wire protected pipes, plug foot protected pipe….Then, contractor starts lớn install Before plastering walls, ceilings, contractor estimates wire plan, position of connection boxes, sockets, electricity box üUnder ground wire pipe installation follow steps: - Base on electrithành phố drawings, line electrithành phố maps on the wall - Cut pipe to help install pipes on right position - Contractor puts plated corrugated or zinh pipe with thickness of 15milimet. Thickness is equal to lớn length of wall or floor. Contractor uses cement mortar to keep wall or floor - Guarantee distance between hot pipes and other heat surface is 15centimet. After installing pipes, it must be dry và contractor uses glue khổng lồ connect pipes by pike - At bover point, contractor uses spring – mattress & not reduce pipe area .Inside radius is not smaller than pipe diameter - Pipes must guarantee: Straight, covered, smooth - Ryên ổn pipe tight, avoid water và other objectives - Clip pipe carefully ,clip point is not exceed 200mm from electricity box edge .Distance between clips is not exceed 1000 mm & 800 milimet khổng lồ the straight direction - Before using pipe, if it is humid, contractor uses air compresses to make dry. After installing, contractor surveys và invites investor khổng lồ check. Cover XR mortar on the pipes before finishing survey üocket foot, switch foot, connection box, & electrithành phố box Distance between socket and floor according lớn kiến thiết Distance between switch & floor according khổng lồ thiết kế Distance between electriđô thị box and floor according to lớn design üRequirements: Box foot, contractor estimates lớn prominence lớn make foot và wall equal Inside wall box are the same in types üAbove electricity installation Equipments are executed at last, after finishing others Investor checks types of equipments .Quality of work must be checked. Packets are labeled dates và location, features. Contractor gives certificates khổng lồ investor After checking products, contractor installs equipments lớn be suitable for thiết kế. Equipments must be clipped carefully. After installation, contractor invites investor lớn try and kiểm tra üThunder protections Thunder protection system includes: Thunder collected needle D16 with length of 0.8m; Thunder collected line D10 placed on wall & ceiling. Ground connection steel line D14 connecting steel line và ground connection column is 63*63*6 with the length of 2.5 cm After installing, contractor investor lớn check, contractor guarantee features : Underground connected resistance R 7. Drainage và supply water system Consist of running water, fire fighting supply system và drainage system for completion Drainage và supply water system is galvanized and PVC & do according khổng lồ requirement Inside wall equipments are placed by contractor. After installing, contractor will thử nghiệm run lớn kiểm tra pressure và takeover Pressure for drainage system is 0.7 kg/cmét vuông & trial run time is 12 hour, reducing pressure khổng lồ be smaller than 0.005 kg/cmét vuông.Contractor gives trial methods to lớn investor khổng lồ try In executing water supply system, contractor guarantees tight and is not leaked out Base on design và requirement of contraction document, checking và taking over types. Then, contractor starts to install equipments Sanitation equipments must be clean until taking over. Avoiding remained svà, collected funnel is without cement, s&, paint… Forbid using before sanitation equipments except in experiment 8. Damp-roof work - Damp-roof work is very important because it affects to lớn using và aesthetic. Thus, contractor supervises tightly execution. - Damp-roof work demands the combination of many phases, even BTCT execution will be noticed carefully. - Aggregates (svà, rock) must be cleaned by fresh water before concrete pouring. This part of reinforcement concrete needs additive sầu material lớn improve damp-proof competence of structure. Additive material is used following lớn supervisor. - Proof floor và nhà wc floor must be soaked with cement water during 20 days. - Concrete surface must be cleaned before damp-proof execution. Its surface must be dry & cleaned by pressure-blower. - Damp-proof surface must be filled with a pure cement mortar layer before plastering or bottom concrete pouring. Concrete pouring work lớn make slope needs executing when mortar layer is still wet so that it is guaranteed mortar layer is not harmed. - The second damp-proof by glue is processed above sầu the surface of slope khổng lồ satisfy the dem& of smooth slope. After that, it is swept according to design. - In the position of drainage pipe must be used metal, no plastic funnel.